Friday, June 06, 2008 Day

A plan for a day.That's my quote for now.
I'm trying to get myself busy by 'fitting' myself with loads and loads of plans!!!!!!!
It's our starbucking day!
I'm the driver of the day!

The day before,I've text Jaz to wake me up today as I always sleep until noon.It's a waste of my day whenever I over-slept!
Ya,Jaz did call me but I slept back again after that...haha.......I'm always a PIGGY!!!!!!!

For our breakfast 'crossover' lunch,we went for dimsum as we have no ideas what to eat.
The uncles and aunties who work there are DAMN friendly!!!!!!!!!!
Their friendliness really frightened us.Not once but twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But we've got discount from an uncle when he asked us either we shared the bill.And our answer was 'YA!'.The price that he's given us was less than what he'd counted!!!
Thank you ,uncle!!!!!!!
We'll go there again and SHARE the bill the next time!!!!!* got discount sure must share la*

Right after that,we headed to Starbucks to spend our friday noon!

Let me intro this:The DARK MOCHA FRAPPUCINNO!
I've alway have the 'latest' drink!!!!!I take myself as a 'lab-rat' for caffein.Only at starbucks!!!!

She's indulging herself with a mag!!
she loves playing online game so much!!!!that's what she's doing the whole noon.
nothing better to do....

last cam-whore

I've spent my time for READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And also showing off the video that I've made for Suki's wedding!!!!!!

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