Thursday, June 05, 2008

A day with my couzies!

Went to mum's friend's place in the noon .The kids are awesome!!!!!
They are my bro's classmates so they played like crazy once they met!The kids are triplet!
The kids love me too!!!!!haha.....*it's true*

We've spent almost an hour there but we had to leave early due to the next 'appointment' with my cousins.The kids didn't really want us to leave though.

We've met up with my cousins at Renaissance hotel as we've planned to spend the day there.So,the first thing the kids wanted was SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!Kids love to swim!!!!!!!!
My job-sunbathing!
Ok,it does sound like sunbathing for me but it's too windy and there's no a 'VERY' hot sun.Then,I've decided to take some pics of the kids!

Kaiwen the smartest one
he likes to make silly face
the kids
jo and the lil' couz
Sis was scared of getting dark!!!!!!
the sisters
me.......was lazy to find the other bikini to change on so still the same laziness
the gossip group!!!! aunt,my aunt a.k.a my ex-manager and my mum!
she never left the place at all...still under the shield
my fatty bum bum bro
she's teaching him to use the float

after swimming
before dinner

We went for dinner at pizza hut as the kids wanted to!
When we were going down in the evaluator,my lil' couz has done something!He said 'HI' to the ppl(starngers) in the evaluator.Out of the blue,he called a man a 'monster'!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!He kept saying it!
During the dinner,my role was an eating machine!
I've eaten 3 and a half slices of pizza,chicken wings,spaghetti,potato chips and the soup!!!!!
It's my first time ever.This is because the kids couldn't finish it while my mum and aunt are not a big eater!!!!!!

After our dinner,we've gone to the so-called 'EYE ON MALACCA'.And the first time ever I've seen my cousins being so daring!!!!
Both of them dragged my sis and I for a pirate ship ride.Honestly,my food hasn't digested and this gonna make me throw up!!!!!
Luckily,I could control myself!!!
I really 'IMPRESSED' by my cousins for their braveness in playing the pirate ship!!!!!

kaiwen in the fairywheel
the naughty one..haha
jo and kaiwen on the boat cruise
sis 2 sis

Right after we went back to the room,the kids started to play AGAIN!
As mum and aunt went to the lounge for a drink.So,I had to be a babysitter!It's nice though!!!!
I taught them to play UNO!!!!
And the kids love me!

the kids!

I did have a nice day with them!!!

Love you all!

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