Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The most 'sayang' one

Just feel like posting something about lil' Josh-my fatty bum bum lil' bro.

I realized that he keeps saying the same thing to me during these few days and what he said really makes me feel that it's worth it to love him so much.
This is what he said:'Jie(sis),You don't go for further studies can or not?'
When I asked him for the reason,his answer was :'I want you to get married.'

Ok,look.He's just a 8 year old lil' boy and saying such thing to me.

He knows that I'll not be at home all the time and rarely come back once I've gone for my further studies.Moreover,I've applied for those unis which are far away..haha....I just feel like being at a stranger's place AGAIN!But I know I'm gonna miss Josh like CRAZY!!!!!!!

When I was holidaying in Redang island,Josh did give me a call many times and the very 1st thing that he mentioned was:'Jie(sis),go and find a mat-saleh guy to get married in Redang k?'
Again the same thing.
Actually it's my fault for fooling him by telling that I would be going to Redang and get married.Just like the Chinese movie-summer more more tea.
Kids what,so it's easy to twist and turn.

Let's change to the other topic of my bro and I.
Whenever we are out together and he sees those modified cars which have sports rims,turbo engine,'stupid and noisy' eczos and etc.He'll start talking about it and imagine that he has everything like what the youngsters nowadays have.
Then ,I would always be a 'good' sis and join him along into his IMAGINATION.Haha.........
We even said that we wana race together in the future...
*I know that I'm not a role model for my bro but that's me*

My bro loves to dance so much and he really can dance very well in different kind of music!
It's my gene!!!!!!!!I'm so proud!!!!
He will start dancing whenever there's music!
The worst is that he says he wana club when he's grown up!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!
My sis then starts nagging at me for being a bad example for my bro as I'm the eldest!!!!!
Haha...don't need to bother so much about it.I'm gonna teach Josh to drink!!!!!!!!

Frankly speaking,Josh really cheers everyone in our family so much even though sometimes he's naughty!

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