Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The movie night

Went for movie on Monday night.
Supposed to watch Narnia but Cathy text me and told me that she bought the Indiana Jones.
As long as there's a movie to watch.

It's been quite some time since I hit the cinema.The reasons are ~ busying for shopping,holidaying,working and etc.
The CONSEQUENCE~ no time for movies.Not even have time to buy 'pirate' dvds and watch!!!!
How pity was I~:(

Something funny happened !
When Eric picked me up for the movie,I was wondering how come he made it one and a half hour early to get to the mall for movie.
Guess what?He thought that Cathy bought the 9.10 pm movie for the night.
Cathy sent everyone of us a msg and this is it:
"I've bought the Indiana Jones to9 10 pm...5 ppl"
The misunderstanding meaning that Eric refered to is the 'to9 10 pm'.So when everyone's in the car,he told us that the time was just nice!

We were stoned.We still have an hour come it's just nice?
Therefore,Jaz and Cathy were the ones scolded by him for not informing him 'CLEARLY'.

After 10 mins..............................
We've reached our destination.
So,we suggested to shop for a while just to spend our fruitful time before movie.

5 mis before the movie................
I have to admit that I didn't realise it was almost time for movie while I still could cam-whore and forgot to buy my popcorns*must have for movie*
I was kinda pissed off with the popcorns as it's not sweet at all.More to salty popcorns!
I swear that I'm not gonna buy the popcorns from there anymore !

During the movie.........................
When the movie just started and the Indiana Jones appeared,Cathy and I have the same thought:'How come the Indiana Jones is not a young and handsome guy?'
Honestly,I didn't know the synopsis about this movie at all .I don't know what the hell is this movie all about?!
This movie impressed me so much with the adventurous journey.It has alot of suspense parts!
The ending is not bad though.

After the movie..........................
"I think we should ask 'Dr.Jones' about the movie"Eric said.
The Dr.Jones was referring to Jones who is Jaz's boyfriend...haha

Anyway, we almost got into an accident as Eric purposely stopped at the junction while there was a lorry approaching us.Jaz and I were shouting like HELL as we were in a roller coaster!!!!!!
That's not something nice to end the night!!!!

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