Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday around the town

My friend and I have planned to spend our Friday by 'surfing' around the town.Just to spend our time on Friday as we have no classes and were way too bored.

It's not enough time for us to 'surf' the whole town as we've spent most of the time shopping at Warisan Square and a mall which I don't know the name..haha....

There's something I notice about the food here-egg tarts.Anywhere I go there's a shop which just sells egg tarts only.Cool!!!I love tarts!!!!!!
Maybe this is the specialty of the town.

Japanese food-our breakfast crossover lunch.

love my food.......
this is the consequence when someone's too greedy...
After I've finished the udon,I couldn't get to finish half of the rice......but its worth it as I've ordered a set which has rice and udon together.
trying hard to finish it
just to spend my time digesting....i've taken a few shots of the really has the 'environment' of the traditional japanese restaurant
this korean family has a cute daughter and son..haha

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