Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Saturday

That's the only thing I can do during weekends.
My life's kinda PATHETIC though!

Ok,let me recall back my meals here.I've had Japanese food for 2 weeks.
*I've never fancy japanese food at all.Jaz knows me well about this*
Once was the day before I came and another time was yesterday.We always have nice and expensive food when we're out.Only the both of us la......haha.....The food here is expensive so it's better to spend on something nice.

Just leave the topic aside.

Guess what?I'm chatting with my lil' chubby bro online.Haha.......he's to learn to chat online though as I'm far away from him.I don't know how long is the distance even though someone has calculated it to me.
Josh miss the time when I always brought him to 'lepak' at the mamak..haha...we used to do that for supper as nowadays I need supper to survive!

Now,let's talk about something that just happened in my uni.I mean in my course.
We had a meeting with the seniors and the lecturers yesterday.
There's a senior who is somehow looks like Edison Chan or maybe Lee Hom.This is our opinion la...between Yean Yoen and I.The girls......Of course the first thing that we did was to spot for handsome and good looking seniors..
Wait a moment....handsome and good looking have the same meaning right?Whatever it is.....I think he looks like Edison Chan but she thinks that he looks like Lee Hom...ok,never mind.......
I still remember that Edison's scandal was the hot topic of all...haha....
Do they look alike?????Any differences???I think he's more to Edison Chan..haha

The surprise thingy is that he remembered me as a girl who loves tattoos.I'm just being myself when the juniors were asked to intro about themselves.I'm the junior for this course.Thanks!
He's the one who suggested me to be the representative for the first year student.
*I was kinda shocked*
Anyway,I didn't win the vote.I think the others have a mind set that I'm bad as I have tattoos..haha....don't care la....this is me!!!!!!
Anyway,he's friendly and talkative!

The real me has caught the others' curiosity to know more about me when there were few course mates approached me and asked about my tatts.OMG!!!!
I'm not being selfish and willing to share my interests with the others.

That's all for this moment.
My blog is getting bored without updating any pictures.

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