Saturday, July 12, 2008

I don't understand guys!

Just after dinner with 2 guys.
Right after that,we've gone for a grocery shopping as the guys wanted too and me too wanted to buy some stuff.

And one of this guy-my friend from the same hometown and we've known each other few years back has really made us 'tak boleh tahan' of him .He's worse than a girl when doing grocery shopping.He's too picky.Maybe he's gone mad after staying here for a week.This is because he's like someone who does not have a place to stay as he keeps moving to different rooms!!!!!

So,when we were at the food department,he kept saying nonsense.Maybe that's the way he want to have his food to be cooked.
He wanted to buy a packet of Maggi to cook but the problem is he is not allowed to cook in the hostel!OMFG!!!!!!
Tanjung rambutan please!!!!

Next,he asked another guy to buy a kettle.No gas so how can he boil the water.
*He was referring to the kettle which is not electrical one*
What the hell is he trying to do????????

The biscuit part:
I think he really wants the ants to attack his place though.A sugary biscuits for breakfast.At least he needs a good and 'quality' Tupperware to keep it but he simply said to get a cheaper one is enough.Haiz~~~~~Don't know what he wants?!?!?!

The worst was the part before we went to the hypermarket.He's gone most of the shops to check out the price for mineral water.
*this is because he didn't wana buy a kettle to boil the water*
So when he's done with that,we headed to the mall and grabbed some stuffs.
God's gotta help me in the next situation mann!!!!!!

He headed back to the shop to buy mineral water and this time he's worse!!!!
He wanted to buy a dozen of the water as it's much much cheaper than buying a bottle.Luckily,another guy's got to stop him from doing that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I realised that guys are sooooo picky when comes to grocery shopping!!!!!!!!

p/s:He was standing behind of me when I've just started to blog about this.Shocked me mann!!!!!

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