Monday, July 14, 2008

Stupid connection!

First of foremost,I would like to comment on the matter of the connection here!!!!

I'm getting pissed off day by day because of the connection here is as slow as a tortoise.
Ok,here it is.Even though it is a WI-FI but more to a fucking slow wireless.
Moreover,I've paid for it and I can't even get to surf the web for more than 5 hours a day.
What the hell?????

I rather 'DONATE' my money to Starbucks Frap .At least the caffeine keeps me awake and fills up my empty stomach!
*this is what I've done on Saturday*

*It's just near by my place so it's convenience*

So,I will only update some of the pics when I've got to get a better connection.

I think it's better for me to stop being a COMPLAINT QUEEN as I've done it on the first day when I've just moved into this house....ermm......supposed to be a hostel!

Jo's still hesitating to move out.

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