Friday, July 18, 2008

Sales is the BEST!

It's shopping day AGAIN!

Actually I've planned to buy some clothes for myself as I realised that I didn't bring much clothes to here and I'm getting bored of all the clothes!

* the truth is I've over-used the clothes*

Guess what?I don't even have 10 tops and bottoms with me right now.
It's SUX ,isn't it?

For all these years,I've been ' LIVING' with my wardrobe which full of clothes.

*it's full til I couldn't even 'add' another piece of cloth*

However,nothing was flowing in the right way because I've got myself a pair of sneaker than clothes!

It's SALES!!!!!!
I was so idam~ing for this pair of sneaker since few weeks back.Ok,the price is over my budget!
But,the BEST is always with me!
The sneaker is 70 percent off!!!!!!!!!OMFG!!!!!!!
Without thinking twice,I called mum and told her that I wanted to buy it.

And without much,she just said:'OK.Just buy it!'

It's show off time!
Still in process to get it!

I've taken few shots of my sneaker once I'm back!
The limited edition!

I love the dragons on it!
The close up!

Besides that,I'm happy that I've got to find the 'PIRATED' DVDs!
*I'm not cheapskate,it's just that I don't wana waste my money on the original ones.But I've done that last week*

Last but not least,an indian red nail polish!!!!

Everything's RED today!

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