Sunday, July 20, 2008

The untitled post

I woke up early this morning as I've got a cal from my course mate-an international student from China.It's all about our presentation.

He told me that it's so difficult to get my number and he did it through few people.Ok,we've made a mistake for not exchanging phone number earlier as everyone of us was so busy with classes(ok,we're in the same course).

I was stoned though when I had to speak mandarin with him because nowadays I seldom speak that language.Whatever it is,I don't really understand the language that he spoke to me.
It's in Mandarin and what the heck has happened to me?

After that,I did my laundry.Weirdo!!!!!!
I'm weird today as I've never done this at all.
Ok,here comes the weirdest part!
I studied my marketing once I've done with my laundry!
It's in the morning!!!!!!!!!

Honestly,Jo's never studied in the morning except midnight!!!!!!!!!!!!
This really shows that I'm damn STRESS!!!!!!

At least I do know to find a way to relax myself.Indulging caffeine at Starbucks!
This time,I don't come here and lepak BUT study!

Assignments and presentations are driving me CRAZY!
I feel like going for a holiday on the island.
I have many choices to choose which island to go though as islands are surrounding my uni and school.Cool huh?
Don't jealous ,ok?

Ok,now let's talk about last night.
When I was watching dvd alone at the living room,my housemate came back and just told me that her boyfriend couldn't make it to meet her.
She was holding a birthday cake when she's back but I didn't ask her much about what's happened.
*I don't wana be so busybody*

*continue with my movie after that*

We had to go for a meeting later that night and she started to talk about it.Actually she was asking for my opinion so I could just tell her my thought.

All I did during the whole night was about movies!I've watched the same movies again and again.
Especially the 27 dresses!
So,when she's back,I was surprise that she 's really let everything out!!!

She started to talk about the whole story to me.That guy is sux though!
How could he not appreciate what she's done to him just to celebrate his birthday???He gave an unreasonable excuse!!!!!!
I pity her so much as she's made herself so tired just for her boyfriend.Right after her class,she went to get a present for him.Then,she went to buy a cake . It was raining!

And she had to have all the cake for herself.She shared it with us la......
So,my senior and I were the victims for the cake as we had to finish it!!!OMFG!!!!!
I was eating the ice kacang.I was crazy enough to have this unhealthy food late night as it would attack my asthma late night ice kacang!
the cake that left alone!

For the first time,the 3 of us sat together and talked about stuff!
Ok,I mean she was asking about relationships!I'm kinda 'salute' my senior though as she could maintain a long distance relationship for 4 years.

Our girls talk lasted for an hour.
It was nice to have a nice talk together .

Of course I continued back with my movies!!!!!!

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