Monday, July 21, 2008

Should I or shouldn't I?

Right now,I'm still thinking of whether to go to the island this Sunday!

It would be nice though but on the other hand,I have my management quiz on Monday.It's gonna make me tired like hell!!!!!
Ok,I need to spend my money on bikinis*I don't mind about it*

Wait,this time I'll be going with some new friends.And I don't wana scare them .
Just imagine they just knew me and find out that my body is full of TATTOOS!
I can't think of their reaction at all!!!!!!

* because most of them are very 'guai' in translation means GOOD*
They are not wild as me and they don't party either.

I'm gonna be here for 3 years so I will have tons and tons of chances to travel to the islands~

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