Monday, July 21, 2008

Mum called me earlier and we did talk about loads of stuff.

Ok,we used to argue all the time whenever we had discussion.
This is due to my stubbornness.My bad,I know.

Mid-sem holidays in 3 weeks time.Cool!

Actually I've planned to go back this August but I've found out that my mid-term will be after my holiday!
Don't care la...go back and study.......I told mum though.And yeah,she didn't believe at all!
'You will come back and club ,not study.'
That's what she said.OMG!!!!
Just believe that I'll study.
Mummy always knows me so well..haha...She knows that I don't club here.....
Damn good girl,right?
I really can't tahan anymore la...I need to party to relax my mind then I'll have the SPIRIT to study!

The truth is I miss DANCING so much......
And also DRINKING!
*people,just wait and see if I'll bring any good liquors back*

Someone said that he will drink with me when I'm back.
Keep your promise,Mr.Player!

#The Mega Sales here makes me start to fall in love with this place#
*the place where I am now*

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