Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not another shopping weekend!

The more island trip BUT shopping!
Why don't I have other things to do besides shopping???

Ok,this time I shopped the whole town!
And the most amazing one is the mall beside the SEA!!!!!!!!
Cool huh???They have more stuff there....CLOTHES!!!
I've bought a quite girlish dress though.....
I didn't take a pic of it but I have it ...not prefer to post it up till you see I wear it!

This time,I don't need to be so 'stress' about what to eat because someone's suggested it.
When I asked them what to eat????
The answer from Yean Yeon........''We eat pork!" nice ya.......

Finally I've got the pure chinese style fried rice!

I need to cut down on oily food!
Was thinking about hitting the gym back!!!!!Getting fatter!!!!!

she's the one-yean yeon!
the pork!!!!!!She's dying for this!!!haha............
Miss Hong Su Hui's -the chicken eater of the day..haha

and here's the real and pure chili of Hong Kong style..This is that kind of real chili that I ate in Hong Kong

I've bought another pirate dvd-Prom Night.
Supposed to be my supper once I've got home but too busy with my management!
Quiz is killing me!!!!!!!

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