Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm thin?!

Lil' josh called me this evening.

The first thing that he said was:'Jie,you're so thin already!'
I was like what?I'm thin?
'You're thin till you look like a ghost la.' you ppl can see how naughty is he!

Mum and sis also said the same thing though.Ok,sis even wrote it in her blog.
Here it goes...
Sis thin liao..
I fat liao...

Her confession!

I don't realise at all but I do know that I look tired and stress.
However,I have 3 meals a day..sometimes even supper!
How could this happen?!?!?!?Maybe stress leads to the 'best' way to lose weight.
NOTE:I've never thought of dieting at all ,ok?Don't misunderstood.

I'm planning to gain weight when I'm back to malacca because I don't wana look ugly during my aunt's wedding.Moreover,I'm the bridesmaid and it's a church wedding!!!!
I wana look good in my white dress!

To my dear sis,
Please don't get jealous that I won't be fat no matter how much I eat!haha....
your fierce sis :)

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