Wednesday, August 06, 2008

the caring ones

I just feel like I'm lucky enough to have those ppl around me.Whenever I'm down ESPECIALLY once I've started a new life here,for sure there's someone would sent me a sweet msg and cheer me up!

I've received a msg from someone unexpected even though he did text me when I've just come here.
He did cheer me out la...cuz of his 'good' idea for me-not to sleep at all when I'm back so that I can fully use my time...haha....Cool though!!!
The worst is he wana test my drinking skill!!!
Gosh,I don't think I'm good in drinking anymore as I'm having a healthy lifestyle now!Haha..yeah...HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

No drinking
no second-hand smoker
no partying

Jo's healthy lifestyle!

Here's another one......
The closest one .....the crazy one.....
I called Sherlynn earlier as I'm kinda miss talking to her though..Wanted to call Jaz but for sure she's way too busy la....
We always talk craapppppppp!!!!!!!!Our bad habit!!!!!!
At least sometimes we do talk about our own problem.

Our deal when I'm back next Saturday:
Flaming Lamborghini~~My treat!
Liquor~~Eric's treat!!!!

Right after ending our conversation,I received a sweet text from her.Thanks!

Haha....gonna party like hell next Saturday!!!!!

More and more crazy pics coming soon!!!!!!!

* I know my blog is bored as I don't upload much photos as before.Please forgive me*
Will be back soon!

Lots of love,

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