Friday, August 08, 2008

The Olympic opening ceremony is starting in 15 mins.
There are so many ads to promote it.Now,only I realized that I've been staying 'in the jungle' for so long..haha....only for tv!!!!!

I'm jealous !!!
My couz is in Beijing ...
He's definitely gonne be at the opening ceremony as he was involved in designing the stadium..i think but not so thing i know that he's a part in designing the route of the Olympic torch!!!
*his phone is off .It's a big possible that he's there!*

Too busy with my studies la.....
Things getting worse,
I'm falling sick!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!
Please grant me a wish,lil' angel!!
Just a wish!!!!
I don't wana fall sick neither before my mid sem break nor after the break!!!

Going back next week...Hooray!!!!!
Can't wait!!!

That's all ...ciaozz ......
Gonna indulge myself with the opening ceremony!

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