Saturday, August 09, 2008


Just another unplanned weekend for this Saturday...because we've planned to shop on Sunday ONLY!I'm the one who make the decision to hang out *MY BAD*
I have nothing better to do after finished cleaning up my room!

So,we met up at th mall.I'm always habit la!

When I've just stepped into the entrance,something freaked me out!!!!

The OLYMPICS FEVER!!!They totally freaked me out !!!!
it's not chinese new year k?it's just that the locals are crazing for Olympics!

Next,my mission started!
Surf for my heels!!!!!!!!!Both of us walked the whole mall.....went into all the shops that SELL HEELS!!!!!
Tough mission though!!!!!!!!!!
Actually I take this seriously because I MUST look good !!!Who knows I 've got a 'complaint king' best man!!!Haha.........I'm not being rude ,ok?

As you know,guys nowadays are worse than the ladies.

I've spotted few heels at CHARLES & KEITH.They have variety of choices there.Absolutely the best place.And ya,I didn't buy any at all because I don't wana feel regret when I'm back to Malacca and find out that the heels there are nicer.
I still have a week to shop when I'm back here.Moreover,the mall is just near my place.
*no worries*

After walking the whole day,time to rest...haha....

almost finished my 'mission'
MNG+Adidas=The perfection!
I'm good at grabbing sales items!!!!
Fringe's back!

Another movie to watch.ONE LAST DANCE!
Money wasted on DVD!!!!!!!

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