Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Just a say~

Just after finished reading all the posts in my cousin's blog.
*jo -the laggard couz who just know abt her blog-not my bad,is hers*

The late inform from her about her P&C blog....

I've found out that most of her posts are meaningful though.
It's all about relationship.
Love is hurt!

It's not easy to fall in love;
It's not easy to find someone right;
LOVE is not as easy as ABC.

*her blog is private and confidential so prefer not to give any opinion about it*

Talking about the past.....................

I realised that I've ruined most of my relationship.I've ruined it on my own.
All these is because of my stubbornness,naiveness, being over-demanding and jealousy.
I have to admit that I still can't get over of my jealousy...especially something that I have and no one can have it!

After a so-called meaningful relationship,the game's begun!
Everything was just a game for me in my life...even relationships!
Nothing's stable at all.
I've started to be playful!No worries in life!
Life is not a journey without worries at all.
Life's full of obstacles.
..until I've met one.A difficult one.
It's not an easy test at all.I do know that I've struggled for it but still I moved on with my life!

Now,someone said that I take things too easily .
I do because I used to make everything complicated and things got worse.
No one really understand me .


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