Monday, September 01, 2008

Don't judge ME by my outer part!

Just some FYI.

In my life,people call me 'SLUT','BITCH' and so on.
I don't give a damn about it at all as they know me from the outer part and not the inner part!

I club...yeah...I club.People used to see me club with different GUYS every week!
That's the first judgment from them!
I can't deny about it as it's true and I have guys around me.So what's the matter if I club with different GUYS?!

I drink.
It's my passion!
But I don't get myself screw up by getting drunk and have one night stand with the guys!

It's a 'No,No' to me!

I've given many girls a very 'good' impression by saying I'm the girl who club and have one night stand with the guy I club with!
Those girls that I called BITCH as I don't know them at all AND they don't know me as well!

I kiss.

Hello!!!As long as I don't kiss a guy who has a girlfriend!
Do you think I'm that SLUT to do that?

Ok,unless your girl offends me!
That's the way for me to do something!

Girls,as long as I don't kiss your boy so better get your mouth SHUT!

I do dirty dance!

That's nothing 'dirty' about me if I do that! I only do it when a guy really impress me with his dance!
It's just a dance!

I tattoo.
It's an art and I love tattoos so much!
There's nothing wrong for a girl to have as many tattoos as she wants!

I party to have fun!
I party to release stress!

I party because I wana dance!

I party because THAT'S ME!

I may be a girl who gives people an impression that I'm a SLUT .
BUT I know who I am and what I'm doing.
Only people who don't know me take me as a BITCH!

Before this,people thought that I'm an EGOISTIC girl;
Now,they take me as a SLUT !

I know I'm worse than anyone because of how I'm having my lifestyle
but you guys don't know the true JO!

I know I'm not a good girlfriend as you and
I know that you think that I'm worse than you
BUT at least I respect my boy's decision!
Controlling is not the way to have someone!

Last but not least,
I don't screw up my studies!
Party and studies are 2 different things that I manage them with different ways!
I'm not a girl who just know to club and have no knowledge!

*Now,I realised why mummy said that there's no guys willing to have this kind of girlfriend like me because of my lifestyle.*

And I don't mind you people call me a SLUT @ BITCH!

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