Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm back AGAIN!

Arrived at the airport around 11p.m on Thursday night.

It's a tiring day for me as I rushed to the airport once I've finished my Marketing mid-term test just to avoid congested traffic.
It took me 20 mins to finish the 50 questions multiple choices test.

*it's not that I couldn't answer the questions ,ok?Just got the answer once I've read the questions*

The night before-watching Desperate Housewives non-stop!
Just did some revision only.The total time for revision added together is not even an hour.Haha!

Ok,I left the exam hall early as I knew I would keep changing my mind for the answers.My habit!
So,it's better to leave early !

Then,I've got a msg from Yeanyeon because I left the hall early..haha...Thanks!!!!!

Ended my night with FABOLOUS HIGHLY CARBOHYDRATED MEAL @ The Coffee Bean.
Chicken Lasagna+hot chocolate=my yummy supper!

Gonna be a busy day for me form tomorrow onwards!

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