Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weewoooo....just finished my Business maths test!

And I'm not so relief at all because there are gonna be another 2 tests on Thursday and Friday.
I'm not ashamed to admit that I don't really prepare for my mid-term.
Too obsess with Desperate Housewives.I watch from the 2nd season until the 4th season..It's still in progress!!!Haha....

It's something REPETITIVE as I've finished watching all the episodes before this!

And I don't have this kind of STUDY STYLE!

Business maths paper-as easy as ABC!No worries!
Maybe I'm making things to complicated and couldn't stop worrying about the paper few hours back.
Now,I'm glad that I could answer all the questions!

Anyway,I'm gonna be back to Malacca AGAIN!
Now the distance is like between KL and Malacca.Haha....
I'm not rich so you guys better stop telling me that:'Jo,you're so rich la...keep going your air ticket is very cheap ?'
There's a reason for them to say that as I go back during peak season and of course the price is more expensive than usual!

I'm gonna attend a church wedding so I have to go back.The fun is gonna begin!!!

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