Monday, September 29, 2008

It's kiddy time!

This is my last 'trip' back to Malacca before my sem break so I better not to miss out any events that gonna happen on this week.T_T

I attended my bro's classmate's birthday party.
*I've made friends with all his classmates as I used to be part of the 'aunties' to pick my bro up after class.*
So I suggested to follow mum to that party!
And of course I've MADE FRIENDS with all the aunties .
This is called SOCIALIZE!

This lil' boy reminded me of the baby whom my mum used to babysit 9 years back.He's my lil bro's classmate's bro.*confusing*
The art of work of a 7-year-old.This attracted me the most!Amazing though!
This is the time when all the kids conquered the whole playground.

I miss playground !Mummy used to prohibit my sis and I from playing at the playground in JB as there were too many drug addicts!
my lil' josh
his sweetieeee smile~
They notorious ones.Sang birthday song when the birthday girl's mummy haven't light the candles.
here's the kids!

Miss my childhood memory as I've got to have birthday party every year and invite tons of friends,got loads of presents and delicious food!
My birthday cake since I was one until nine were all in digit form.
How lucky was I!

The sweetest thing was the gift from the birthday girl!
I was the oldest among the kids and yet I've got one too.
I felt shame though!
Blue-the boys Red-the girls

A nice birthday party.
It was fun seeing all the kids !

p/s:One of the aunties 'scolded' me for having a birthday party for my lil' bro few months back as the kids keep making noise at their mummy to have a birthday party for them..haha..MY BAD!

Sometimes I just wana give my bro the best!

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