Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Siblings day out

The day I've got to have my WHOPPER @ BURGER KING!
' m excited to the max!!!!

Before we heading off for our breakfast + lunch,mum had to go to the bank to get herself busy.
And yeah,Jo-the driver of the day!

While waiting for mum,the sister2 sister were busying cam-whoring!!!!!

a pic that makes my sis's face look smaller!Half=smaller!!!haha....
she has loads of idiotic expressions!
a nicer one of us!
at least she doesn't look like a lil' girl in this pic!
we do look alike in this pic though!

Next,the mosaic shots of us!

And finally,our EATING time !

mummy & daughter!
see josh's face!this is his expression when he's forced to take a pic with sis!
my yummy whopper!!!!!!
a 8-year-old boy with his sweet smile~
the both fatty ones

Here's the multi-shot sessions!!!!!!!!
The models:Jocelyn-the fatty & josh-the fatty boom boom

taiwanese snack.
I miss the snack there so much!
an artistic one!

posted sis's kawaii look ..haha..she loves to act cute so much!

the big chocky!
his new watch!He always gets what he wants!

the closing day of the 2 fatty ones!!!!

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