Thursday, October 02, 2008

My thurday!

Headed to KL in the morning just to got myself done with the flight ticket.
I've extended my holiday!!!!!So excited!!!
Actually I don't feel like going back at all!!!!!

The stupid air asia service was so sux!
In the end,we've spent almost 50 bucks for McD!
just 2 sets of McDeluxe,2 banana pies and 1 cheeseburger!
FYI:the banana pies supposed to be apple pies as the indian girl can't understand English!
*sad case*

And I've got to pay extra for changing my flight!
Right after we've reached malacca,we went for Bak Kut Teh.I have this everytime I come back..haha.....meat eater!!!!!!!!

In the noon,went to meet up with my DARLING for tea-time.
So,I didn't get to have a nap at all.
My Darl brought a cute guy though..haha.....
Absolutely a cute guy!
Guess what?!He's just 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After hanging out at Secret Recipe @ Jusco,we hung out at my 'affair' boyfriend's place.Yeah,he missed out hanging out with us cuz he was a pig!

Before I reached his place,I was informed that he has a SNAKE at his place.It's so OBVIOUS that he wants something which is one of a kind than others.
I found out that he has a BALL PYTHON when I stepped my feet into his place!!!!

Then,I've got to watch a FREE SHOW a.k.a TIGER SHOW which was performed by his PYTHON!!!!
The eating show!Ooopss...supposed to be the cruelest show ever!!!!

The ball python!Pity the mouse!!!!*sob*
the climax part!I couldn't expect that my 'affair' boyfriend has become so cruel!
This is the guy!!!!The cruelest one!!!!
the cute guy!He's shy to the max!

This is what a guy does when he's found out that another guy is much much good looking than him...hahaha

'Boyfriend' aku,we'll see when will yr python eat you ya..oh..supposed to be swallowed u up!

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