Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm 20 years-old!OFFICIALLY!

It's my birthday and happy birthday to me!

No mood to celebrate at all .
I'm a idiot noob though because I've forgotten it's my birthday when the time was 12 a.m. SHARP!
And I was wondering how come I've got so many msgs in just one night.
I left my phone in the room while I was exciting playing with a new stuff which I just discovered last night.
The software to edit,cut and remix a song!
Now I only know to cut the part of song which I don't want but still learning to remix.

Tons and tons of msgs kept pouring into my phones non-stop until today!

This time my phone bill is as long as THE GREAT WALL!

And many of them thought that I would be in Malacca to celebrate my birthday.Haha

But anyway,thnx guys for your wishes!

And a big hug for those unexpected wishes from unexpected people in my life!

Love y'all to bits!

Guess what?I've received something 'special' verbally.It's always something weird from Erward and Danny.No one can do that except these 2 guys!
A very special birthday cake.*dirty minded*
It's creative though...haha....and they were the ones to cheer me up when I was bored to hell last night.Thnx guys!

A surprise from someone whom I've never really contacted with.
We grew up together.
We went to the same tuition centre during my high school time.
I had my first accident in my life with him.
I 'tortured' him like crazy during my break up.
Everyone used to take us as the perfect couple.
Just like the Prince Charming and the Cinderella.
But not everything has a perfect ending.
We talked loads of stuff on the phone and I realized that he's the only one being over-caring for me.He's so worried that I've taken the wrong step to be in a relationship again.He's given loads of advices .It's all about ADVICE,ADVICE AND ADVICE.
And he's reminded me of some sweet memories with my ex!!!WTH?!?!?!?!
Better don't think too much.I mean him not me!
Anyway we had a great time chit-chatting with each other.

I've spent my day with food .It's something unplanned as I planned to study for final but I've been studying for few days.I need a rest though.More over,it's impossible for me to celebrate with my books!
So I've invited a friend to go for food!

But I've managed to grab a skirt.
It's not those aunty's style long skirt ,ok?
It's my favourite!
The Nepal style!!!!!

While waiting to meet up with my friend,I entertained myself with Yogur Berry!
've been craving,craving and craving for it!
I noticed that I LOVE to use the word 'CRAVING' nowadays.

The cam-whore session is gonna start ~~~~

My set!Plain yogurt ice-cream+strawberry topping+fresh mango+ peach!Together with choco filled 'kuih bahulu'.
Before my first bite!
It's yummy but I don't fancy choco!

I'm gonna kill you!

Chop its head off!I was cruel enough!
Makes you drown in it!!!
The bloody strawberry!

I'm done with it!

When we've met up with each other,we headed to Sushi King!
My not so favourite but couldn't think of anything else to eat.

The variety choices of sushi.
But the sushi today didn't really suit my appetite.

Here's the Roxy handbag I've 'STEAL' for my birthday present few weeks bag!

Belated birthday celebration waiting for me in Malacca!It's our GET DRUNK night!

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