Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm bored to the max here.
No alco,no party,no being bimbo and all those fun that I must have in my life!!

It's study week and I was SUPPOSED to go back to Malacca to celebrate my birthday but ended up just a piece of blank paper.

The reason:
*I'm trying to avoid something in my life so decided better not to go back.

*Air fare expensive~nah...actually not so expensive and I do have people to sponsor for it BUT ...........ok,I don't know why would I change my mind.

*Luckily , it's a smart idea not to go back because I'll be sitting for my final starts from this week and it's STUDY WEEK!WTH?!?!?

I've been calculating how many things I'm gonna miss out in this week since I don't go back.
Halloween party,Deepavali open house,Saturday night party,my own birthday bash(if only I'm in Malacca),hanging out with my babes,loads of Malacca famous food and ALCOHOL!!!

I miss my liquor at home soooo mucchhhhh!!!

It's my birthday tomorrow and I don't even have mood to go out and celebrate with my friends.
Just feel like going to the wine bar in Warisan Square for a sip and pass my day~

The weather in Sabah is damn SUX!
It's monsoon season and I HATE IT!

I have an urge to get another tattoo.
My 4th tattoo.
I Know what i want for my 'coming' tattoo.
Mum's gonna kill me again for having another tattoo!

One of my old friends told me this:
'You're so small size so how many tatts do you wana have?I think your whole body gonna cover up by tatts and no space to get more and more tatts.Better don't get any tatts anymore.'

There's another one from my aunt when we were spending our fruitful time at Renaissance Hotel for a swim.
When I took off my clothe and left the bikini on me,she was scared to see my body which the tattoos 'parasite' on it because she said she could feel the pain of tattooing and it's scary.

My boredom causes me to have another tattoo.
Actually my next tattoo is supposed to be next year for my 21st birthday but what to do??


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