Friday, October 17, 2008

My ass phone!Arghh!!!

My so-called pinkish and stylish phone is 'havoc~ing' with some shit problems.
It's memang a pink phone without any 'MODIFICATION'!

Now I do realise that sliding phone is SUX!
First,the speaker problem.
Then,the screen display problem!
What the heck!!!
Mummy blamed me for spending XXXX on it .

I 'sayang' you with sticking on bling bling stuff and everyone keeps compliment you.
But now,you're treating me like this?!?!?!
How dare you!

I'm not planning to change my phone at all as I've fallen in love with it at the first sight!
Moreover,none of the phones out there can catch my heart .
This is called L.O.V.E!

*Only got to get it fixed when I'm back to Malacca*:(

I can't live without my phone!!!!!!

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