Sunday, October 19, 2008

My superb-duperb Saturday!

It's the day for me to shop til I drop as my own present for my 'ADVANCED' birthday!

And my plan-spend the day alone all by myself!
Jo needs no company!

Started my MISSION once I've reached
I accidentally 'discovered' a new shop selling unique heels and handbags!
I just couldn't insist myself to step into the shop.
It's sales !!!!!!
And I've grabbed a silver yet stylish bag...haha...Sales ma!!!!
This time I prefer silver colour than gold colour as every time I would take the gold one no matter what.
Buying the bag was out of my no avail!
Sale's is killing me mann!!!!!

While lingering around the mall,the sport cars exhibition has attracted me.
Lotus, BMW, Benz -not my choice!

The big boyz toys-the highlight!!!!
But I prefer VINTAGE!

Later than,headed to Roxy for my actual mission!
I've tried on the jeans and a dress but they just don't look nice on me!

1)I'm darker now.Purple dress is not the right colour.

2)Bell bottom jeans makes me look fat!!!Besides that,even though the size suited me but it's quite loose!

3)I'm getting fatter!!!!!!

In the end,bought another handbag and a purse!!!!
Into mature style this time!!!
not so colourful anymore..prefer to go into dull and casual colour!

I almost had a big headache when I was at Roxy!That girl kept showing me more and more stuff!
Those are just RECENT new arrival stuffs and they have marked down the price!!!!!!
OMG!!!!It's so seducing mann!!!!!
And yeah,you can't find this good offering in West Malaysia!!!!

Hit the cinema after I've finished my mission!
The house bunny-choice of the day for Jo!

Entertained myself with the candies before the movie started.
And there's a bunch of 'idiot monkeys' that just out of the jungle was so irritating!
Kept making noise before the movie started and the others were so pissed off mann!
Hello Kids!!!

The new design of the bag for my gummies!!!!
My all time favourite!!!!!!
Alone for movie & alone for my candy!

The House Bunny is a MUST WATCH movie!!!!
It's a female-fueled comedy about battling cliques. Instead of the dorks versus the popular girls in high school it's the dorks versus the popular girls in college sororities.
Anna Faris as Shelley in the movie has changed form a Playboy bunny to a house mother of Zeta Alpha Zeta, the most awkward sorority on campus.

The Zetas~ugly ducklings









The honeys!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a great movie!!!

Pizza time after the movie!

While waiting for my pizzy........
The smiley face of the day!
It's just 2 big bags..nothing much!!!!
And I love the new flavour so much!!!!!Mango sauce+corn+ham!!!

This Saturday is a busy day for me as I had to rush for another event at night in my Uni!

Aimlessly while waiting for the event to start.

They have great performance and extremely funny acts!!!!

Got home around 1.30 a.m. and gastric has attacked me before I got home.It's so suffering!


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