Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Currently hanging out at Starbucks al by myself after my Marketing tutorial class.
I've been craving for Starbucks coffee and here I am now!

I need to 'make' myself to study for the Management quiz so Starbucks is the best place!
Coffee+the environment+extra oxygen!

My Monday blue was so worst as THE TRUTH HAS REVEALED!

When you really love someone so much that you realized that you've loved the wrong guy.
Someone who doesn't deserve your love at all!

She loves the new Jo but he prefers the old Jo.
Sherlynn is happy that I've changed to someone better who doesn't party like crazy and has my BITCHY life!She's seen me go through lots of difficulties from the day we knew each other and it wasn't something good in my life.She knows how much I've suffered through those days.
And still,she's the one who knows me so well!
Love ya Babe!

I rather lose a guy than losing a best friend in my life!
Maybe I'm insane to say that as a guy is the one who will be with me for my whole life BUT a guy can make a girl lose everything which is much more important than him.
Even your own best friends!

Sometimes I just wonder that falling in love is not something good at all.
It's just another problem that you have to solve.

Ciaoz~Need to study now...
Gonna skip my Calculus tutorial later!

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