Friday, October 24, 2008

An unplanned day for me!

Class was canceled this morning.I only knew about it 50 mins before the class and luckily I was still at home.

So,I've decided to spend my day @ 1 Borneo.
This is the 'predator' when a mall is just nearby my uni.
Ok,it's not even 500 m away from my uni.
AND it's near my place too!!!
The JEWEL OF SABAH is killing me mann!!!

Was planning to grab some stuff then 'bumped up' with few friends and the first thing that one of them asked me was:
'Wana watch High School Musical 3 or not?'

I was like :'Oh great.'

So after I've bought the ticket,we headed to sushi king since I haven't taken my meal.
I don't like sushi actually but I kept CRAVING for it these few days.
I only layan people with sushi when they really wana eat ESPECIALLY SHERLYNN..

My first plate~more to go i think....
My favourite!!!!!!I must have it whenever I go to the sushi king!
Then,I noticed this cute 'sandwich' sushi so I just took it aimlessly~even tho I didn't feel like eating it.

When something not funny happened......................

I had a great time chatting with a Penang guy who was with us..haha...we kept talking about FOOD!!!the food in MALACCA&PENANG!

In the end...only 4 plates I've finished!

It was only 10 mins before the movie started and we were still waiting to foot the bill.

After 'visited' the toilet in GSC for so long then only I realised that the striking orange colour on the door...I used to love orange colour so much when I was a kid and mum kept saying that I'm like an indian for 'falling in love' with that colour.

Noticed the title of a movie before my movie's IP man!
My place in short form is 'IP'..haha....since when we have a movie and who's this guy?!?!??!

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