Friday, October 24, 2008

Me being a superb forgetful idiot!


I've booked my flight ticket back on the 15th of November right after the next day I finish my final.And the worst thing was I 'll be taking the night flight back to KL.
The worst worst worst thing is I've forgotten it's Edward's wedding day.

Ok,I can't be blamed though as I was worried that the price will hike again as it really increasing day by day!So,I didn't remember about that at all even though he's informed me about it just few days back.
I only realized it last night after I've book the ticket .
To reassure everything,I sent him a text to confirm the date and this time I'm really an idiot!
When I told him I'll be reaching on that night,for sure I did 'kena' from him lar...

So to 'repay' him by that,I told him I'll meet him if they have 2nd round after the dinner..hehe..
Saturday night!

Was on the line with my aunt a.k.a my ex-manager,she told me that they will go drinking after likey!!!!!
And she sounded 'pity' or maybe 'showing off' that she will be enjoying alone!
I have to admit that whenever I'm with that bunch of people,I have loads of fun together!
No matter we go for food,window shopping,drinking,karaoke,clubbing and blah blah blah....
The fun is always there!

Actually I'm kinda sad that I can't make it and gonna miss out loads of fun!

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