Monday, October 13, 2008

Update:International Biz Family Day

It's the day I've been waiting for to get darker and darker and darker!!
Finally a day 'OFF' to the beach!
This family day was organized by our International Business Club.

Venue:Tuaran Beach Resort

Time:Arrived at 8.30 a.m

It's a half an hour journey to the resort from my place.
However,the resort is located IN THE JUNGLE!!!
OMG!!!!I was so shocked to find out a resort which in a 'DESSERT' as I didn't see any beach during our journey..
And ya,it's a SURPRISE to arrive there with the deep blue sea right infront of us.
And the best thing is we've got to have our breakfast by the seaside.
It's the GREATEST thing of the day even though I had to wake up early in the morning!

p/s:A day at the beach WITH NO BIKINI!!!!!!Dying!!!!!!!
*cuz we had to respect the others...i mean those muslims*

Upon arrival!
jo and karien
nice right ?!!?!?
The place where we had our breakfast
here's our buffet style breakfast!!!!!
The sea with no islands!
One of the senior have to 'jaga' the flies..haha
our breakfast!
my tea...over-added milk made it become this colour..haha...i wanted the milk..not the tea!

the best place to sun bath!

Before we started any activities,we had lots of time to enjoy ourselves!!!!!

We played lots of stuff....

First,the wave.

Second,the football on the beach..haha

Third,some monkey games with the seniors...

And blah...blah...blah....

We had lots of fun though!!!!!

The IB juniors

Yeanyeon,Fong Mien,Francis,Andy,Jo and Gace

Jo and Francis
Andy and jo under our lovely shelter..haha
being 'miang'

It's lunch time!!!
I just love the lunch time..another buffet meal!

This is the most irritating table deco ever...don't know what the hell they put another extra 'cloth' on it.
the girl who fascinated for jon's sun glasses!*jon=the one in white*
The funny senior

the groupie pic of all!!!!

And it's time to go back!!!!!

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