Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dumb Ass!!!

I'm gonna post this about a DUMB ASS!!!

For the first time ever,someone called me and asked for a birthday wish!!!!!
I've lost his contact number so I tot someone called to the wrong number.
When he told me who was he and I thought is another Raymond!
Who knows is the player!!!
OK,is another player besides Terence Koh!

We crapped alot!
His fault not mine!!!
Halo,next time if you wana pick me up from the airport please let me know earlier and not last min.
He's blaming me for not telling where am I,what I'm doing in Sabah,when will I b going back to Malacca!!!
Next time I'll let you know my daily routine ok??????

No present for you..haha
Enjoy your lonely birthday!!!

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