Saturday, November 15, 2008

The clock is ticking~

It's 1.24 p.m. now.
I still have the remaining of 2 hours and 36 mins to get my ass off to the airport.

The most pathetic thing is my flight takes off at 8.05 p.m but I have to be there 2 hours early before checking-in.
Just to avoid heavy traffic in the evening.
Ok,here's the thing.
All the way from my place to the airport,there are only 2 traffic lights in a half and hour journey but have uncountable roundabouts!!!!!!!!!!!
Now you people know how 'thrifty' are the people in organizing everything!
Save more money
But I don't think the traffic congestion is better by doing so because it's worse!
I think I've been stucked in a traffic jam to the airport few time but it's longer than stucking at the highway!

I haven't finished packing my stuff yet.
Surprisingly,I'm not eager to go back this time.Unlike the last few times I went back which I had the desperate feelings to reach home but not anymore.
Weird though!

The only thing I hope is no flight delay tonight!!!!!!!!

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