Friday, November 14, 2008

Here comes the Jo!!


I'm back to BLOGOSPHERE!

Ok,the correct word should be' blogosphere' and not 'blogsphere'.

I'm hoping like a kangaroo!!!
Today's my last paper and the most difficult one-Introduction to Information System.
A sux subject as I'm an IT noob and can't understand what the hell the textbook is crapping about.
The only way is to memorize instead of understanding it!

Few interesting and sad things happen during my absence from my blog.

A close friend left M'sia for his own country.I didn't even get to hang out with him when I was back in September.Kinda regret about it.
Got a call from him just few hours before his boarding.
Tears almost rolled down from my cheek.

Was BADLY hurt by someone.
I'm disappointed with everything that is happening in my life especially the one I was hoping so much but I'm giving up now.
No hope no hurt.
I think I should go back to my old lifestyle and have fun to the max without any worries.

A boycott thing happened.
Effective from the day I arrive Malacca.
Can't think of the consequences.This just happens out of the blue and I was informed by someone 'out of the blue' too.
It's not something good though.

But happy things do happen too.

I've got a 40% off free voucher from an online boutique.
Gotta shop ,shop, shop and shop!!!!!
I love the clothes there!!!!!

Got few surprise calls and sms from someone and someone!
Both of you have made my day when I was down.
It's nice chatting with him though.
A guy with innocent look but 'dirty-minded'..haha
Don't get angry when you read this,ok?

The only thing that really makes me excited is Nic's coming back to M'sia in January!!!!
I'm so so so happy!
We've got to go sunbathing together with our bikinis,loads of sunblock,shopping and laugh together!!!!
Gonna get my favourite stuff all the way from UK too!
Thanks Nic!
Love ya to bits!
But sadly Jon will not be following~
I just can't wait!!!!!!

Last but not least,I'll be going off and back to Malacca tomorrow!
Surprisingly,I'm not so excited at all except meeting my babes!
Can't wait to meet the new born baby boy~

BTW,I'm planning for a nice holiday for myself!


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