Friday, December 12, 2008

My sis is a cold-blooded human being!!

One fine day(yesterday),mum spotted a grasshopper while doing her laundry and asked sis to catch it as she needs it for her Biology individual project.

"Mei,there's a big grasshopper here.Do you want it?"

At first I thought it's just a 'normal' size one but who knows,it's big and look healthy,physically!
And of course sis wouldn't want to miss the chance to 'show off' with her BIG grasshopper for her project~~~~here's the cruel girl ever came!

I felt pity for it as it really looked nice...nice?ok,that's the only word I can use because I kept telling my mum that it's so pity as it looked healthy and NICE.

"Can I just let it go?"

And so,it felt into my sis's trap~~~

May GOD bless you~

Have a peaceful life then~

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aaronwee87 said...

i think its a playing mantis la