Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Chocoz Temptation Moment!

I've found out loads of chocolates at home!

I just couldn't resist to cam-whore them with my bro!

My aunt told my mum not to keep the chocolates in the fridge but just leave it at the dry area as how she does in UK!
BUT.........all the chocolates melted!!!!!
M'sia weather is so damn hot!
Especially MALACCA!!!
I keep complaining about the weather in Malacca once I'm back as the weather in Sabah is much much better.
There are mountains everywhere!!!

The chocolate orang3!!!!!
A big cam-whore!
Ta..da....variaties of chocos!
I grabbed Josh to cam-whore along!!!!
cool right???
The celebration chocos!Yummy~~~It has my favorite one!
Sorry for the 'unpleasant' cam-whore!
The Giant baby with his mini eggs!

I was way too free at home as just the both of us were around so we started to cam-whore!

The day I just got my hair done !!!

Nerd Josh with my old school spec!

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