Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The homecoming post~

I'm back to Malacca!

This time is the most pissed off flight ever!!
My flight was canceled at the last minute and I had to wait for the next flight!
I was fully prepared my excited feelings to go back and this SHIT happened!!!!

So I had to laze at the airport for another extra 3 hours!
I was supposed to continue with my Twilight novel but ended up stucking on the phone with someone. you know how important am I ,right?
*big laugh*

The flight this time made me felt so sick during the whole journey!
I don't know if I was way too tired as I didn't have enough rest for the whole week and didn't have proper meals everyday.

Anyway it's a GREAT feelings to meet Nic and my aunt once I'm back home!
More and more plans coming ahead!!!

I'm wondering how long will the chocolates that my aunt bought last for.....
From my experience,a box of 30's Ferrero Rocher only lasted for few hours when I brought it back!

And meet Cadburry's Mini Eggs ~it flew all the way back from UK!!!

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