Sunday, January 18, 2009

~Hers & Mine~

A day full with routine~

Pay my bill.
Get Josh a toy.
And of course get her a belated birthday present.

Here's the thing.
I was supposed to walk into M.A.C and get her a present but in the end I just couldn't stop myself from getting another mascara for myself!
I'm supposed to do the shopping with the list!!!!!!

The reason I 'broke' the rule is due to the reasonable price.
It's not expensive though.More over I need a mascara too..hehe

Btw,I've only got a pair of new jeans and a top from Roxy for my CNY.
Gonna continue to shop once I'm back to Malacca!!!!!

Had sleepless night in this week.
It's not only because of the eerie stuff but also the preparation for the dinner.

I have to choreograph a dance .
Actually it's not so difficult but the thing is I have no idea what songs should I choose and I need Ariff's help to do the songs for me!
I can't make the steps too difficult for the others too.
I've been stressing myself with this matter for a week!OMG!!!!

This sem is gonna be a HECTIC & BUSY period for me.
I wish I can have 48 hours a day!!!!!!!

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