Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seriously,I need a GOOD night sleep tonight!

Why did everything come at once?

First,the most hurting part.
Next,the eerie night for me.
Last but not least,then unfortunate mall nearby my place was on fire.*that means I have to go to the grocery shops to buy food!*

But the eerie night is the 'main character' of all.
Forget about the hurting part .

I was EXTREMELY tired last night for no reason and wanted to sleep early.But bad thing started to happen.There's someone kept knocking the window just a few doors away from my house.More over I could hear the noise came from outside of my room!
Maybe it came from my neighbor and the night was still 'young' so I didn't really give a damn.

However,the noise continued for few hours and I started to think that something was wrong.How could someone keep knocking the window in the middle of the night non-stop?!It sounded like someone was rushing to enter the house.But the worse thing is the knocking came to the window of my room!
I was so scared!
I quickly checked out what was happening but I saw NOTHING!!!!!!!
Something's wrong!!!!
Then only I recalled back what my friend had told me before about my housing area as this happened to her place few months ago.
Honestly,my place here is 'DIRTY'..ok..supposed to be HAUNTED!!

I didn't sleep the whole night but went to my friend's place to continue my bedtime story~

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