Sunday, January 11, 2009

I received a call from a friend last night.
She's the one who got married last month and I realised that most of the people around me are married nowadays..Even if they're not ready....
My cousin also realised about that too....

During the last wedding that I've attended,I got few news about my friends' coming weddings...
I just never expected they will marry in a young age!!!!

My friends who's married have really led a different life now as they can't be selfish and think of themselves but have to think of both of the families....
I have a friend who will only come back to her family's place on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year as she's married.
You can't put your own family on the top of your list anymore.
*for the ladies~*

However,I've started to think that marriage is a HUGE commitment and something scary to me...
But sometimes I think that it's a romance for a couple to have their happiness~
I have this kind of thought it's maybe because I've attended too many weddings last year.
I used to think that marriage can let someone to live a happily ever after life with the one he/she loves.
I used to adore those couples who get married with the one who he/she loves.

To be honest,I LOVE wedding gowns alot and I just can't let myself missed a glance at any marriage magazines...until now it's still the same.
I LOVE church wedding because it looks sweet.
I LOVE flower throwing session during the church wedding.

But everything is just beyond my expectation when it really happens on my aunt's wedding.
As I said,I love flower throwing but when it really happened,I was like a coward and trying to escape but to no avail as everyone kept wanting me to join along for it.

Once the flower was thrown highly in the air,my heartbeat stopped for a second.
It was exactly right in front of me!!!
Guess what have I done???
As in the picture~

Then I realised that it's scary~
Marriage has changed my mind~

Moreover,many couples ended up in divorce ~
Maybe divorce is one of my fear ~

Sometimes I wonder will I marry with the one I love?
Sometimes I wonder will my marriage in the future last till the end?
*I know it's too soon for me to think of that*

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