Saturday, February 07, 2009


She loves drinking...
everything that contains alcohol is a
YES to her.

Time passes by,
many things' changed.
Her attitude,
her lifestyle,
her cup of tea in her favorite thing,
the one she used to care and love.

Her mistakes in her past started to refresh her memory
again and again,

She misses the ones ,
the ones she has lost forever
and ever,
no turning back.

Liquor and beer,
her favorite in the past.

her current favorite.
Liqour makes her thinks of her past;
Beer as a weapon for her to release anger and stress!

Colourful is the top choice of hers,
colours make things complicated.
She prefers black & white.
As someone used to tell her,
black & white make things simpler.

Tears' been rolling down her cheek
how heartbroken she is,
can never be compared to how much
she has lost the ones
forever and
how much the one's hurt her!

She hates herself for breaking the promises that
she's made few years back.

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