Thursday, February 12, 2009

My 'SAYANG' one~

I'm busying with my stuffs since the day I came back after Chinese New Year and everything's driving me crazy!!!!

But one thing,I never miss to call lil' Josh daily!
And more than once a day!!!!

*That's why my phone bill is increasing drastically*

His cheering expression the day I left!
We never missed cam-whore for once..haha
the siblings' ~

I think I'm on the phone every night with my SUPERB DEAREST one!!!
We're CRAZY!!!!
Talk for hours and hours and sometimes exceeded our bedtime!!!
Because we miss each other so much~

Will be leaving Kota Kinabalu for few days on the 28th .
It's gonna be a new experience for me to stay overnight at a new place.
I really can't wait for it but I'm kinda scared of those superstitious legendaryT_T

Thank you for the call about asking me don't drink so much liquor.
It's totally out of my expectation that my post attracted you to read or maybe scanned through.But I never thought that you would call and say that.
Thanks anyway!
*you know who you are*

Just realised that there's someone outside who's so busybody left a nonsense msg on my chatbox.

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