Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sometimes my emotion leads me to irrational act.
I shall stop being like this and go on with my life happily ever after..
I'm sorry for offencing those who are related....

My mood is not in a 'good condition' but someone cheered me up when I was talking on the phone.
He's crazier than me!!!

Don't always promote your hometown ,ok????
There are nice horse and nice food in Malacca too.
More over ,I don't think you can compare both of our hometown as Malacca and Penang are listed in the WORLD HERITAGE RECORD!!! :P

Had a meeting with the financial management lecturer this morning and we were asked to explain to her the reasons we wanted to invest in the selected company.
I'm the only one who never prepared at all even though I went back to Malacca earlier than the others and had to burn the midnight oil last night.
Luckily,I managed to explained to her the reasons but still owed her a reason.
I think she's more suitable to be a lawyer than a lecturer...haha...

It's February!
I have to start to plan for my 21th birthday thingy because......
I wana have another tattoo!!!!
Mum's approved the 'license' so it's definitely not a problem to get a BIG tattoo!!!

And I can't wait for a new SLR cam!!!!
It's coming to me~~

Planning for a photoshoot and currently still considering because.....
My time is packed!
And I don't have time to work out at the gym!!!!

My birthday party is a MUST but gonna waste my money on the flight ticket again..haha...hope I've got to find someone to sponsor me.....

I have to plan all these from now onwards because I don't have much time to go back for this sem and everything has to be organised properly.

The most frustrating thing for now is the design of my tattoo!!!

P/S:I'm not a bad girl to have so many tattoos ok?It's an art for me.

I realised that recently there are people around me keep asking how many tattoos do I have on my body....haha.....

The funniest thing happened on Chinese New Year Eve was my uncle wanted to find a eraser to erase on the Chinese Opera mask tattoo on my lower neck...

Till then...ciaoz~~~~~~

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