Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anger released!!!!!!

Everything has done!
The dinner,assignments,practice and so forth.

However,it's supposed to be peace and calm after we've successfully ended the dinner BUT rumours and unwanted chaos keep hitting me!
Guess what?Those unwanted chaos are from the one I've never expected and I have no idea what's she trying to prove!!!!!!!!!!!!
You've got the highest position for the dinner ,you had the biggest responsibility for the dinner and maybe the biggest succeed but do you know that everything that you want it to be perfect is always done by the others as what we've studied in management!
Get job done through the others!!!!!
One man show is a dead end for you!!!!!

The worst part is she's never appreciated what her best friends had done for her but keeps lying to the others!!!!!!
Ok,I know this is out of my biz but you shouldn't do what one has told you about something P&C which involved me and spread the rumour!!!!!!
Bloody hell!!!
I know I'm harsh but she's pissed me off!!!!!

Generally,everyone hates her attitude now!
Stop being so childish!!!!!!!!!!

This post may be ridiculous but I just wana release my anger!!!!

*Off to the island tomorrow and clubbing...hehe*

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nana said...

don angry !!:>
nt worth ~