Sunday, March 22, 2009

Behind the scene of International Biz night 2009~

It needs alot to take to prepare for an event.......

and loads of fun things happened..of course the 'scary' one for me too!

First the outing for my dress~~~~
lunch time!!!!

the president for IB night,The leader of the program,the assistant leader for program and the vice president of IB night
Back to my old style..haha

he likes to act cute
We're smart to drag the president of IB night to shop so that we wont be blame if we're late for the meeting after that....
my lunch~

~During the practice~

Unfortunately,an accident happened at the studio and we had to rush him to the hospital.......I was stunt by the accident happened and was so afraid!!!!
It looks like a new hospital but........
it's actually old enough..haha
while waiting for the doc to stitch his wound~

~During the practice~

Can you see the big cam-whore???

We were so coincident wearing the same colour attire that day..haha

He likes my lil bro so much..haha
I just didnt know why I kept holding the bottle all the time....haha
the boys
the girls

After starving for few hours ,the pizza came finally!!!!My all time favorite!!!!

~During the rehearsal~

The day before the dinner,we had a rehearsal at the ballroom.
It's way too tired for us and had to continue our dance practice until midnight...OMG!!!

I was so pissed off with those who didn't even wana co-operate and felt like bursting out!!!!!
More over,my injured leg has never recovered yet!!!
A smile~just the beginning of the rehearsal
The 4 musketeers
The day before the dinner and I still have to live with this bandage...i made it look worse with those handiplast
We're the prom king and prom queen

After finishing the 'crown' least have some fun with it..haha

My breakfast+lunch+dinner before the dinner started

I don't know why there's a big shit there...looks ridiculous!!!
I bought a heels just few hours before the dinner ...the messyness....the heels is just for a dance on that night only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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