Sunday, March 22, 2009

The visiting to the pure Sabah-Kudat trip

Wana now more about Sabah??
Make yourself suffer for few hours during the whole trip because........
there's no high way !!!!!!!!!!!

But the most awesome part is the scenery during the whole journey!!!!

We're on this trip for our religion assignment....

The most suffering part was that I had to wake up at 4 in the morning...hmm.....I should on the song by Gwen Stephanie-4 in the morning though.....

My ugly look cuz had to wake up so early!!!
Start my day with raisin bread...i love bread

Actually I started my day with the very first thing wasn't the bread but a msg to jaiio....haha......It's a surprise for him to find out that I msg him early in the morning...haha

the mount kk......
On our way to Kudat,we passed by a small town and dropped by for a while because of the....

The famous tamparuli bridge

We had to drive through this lil cute tiny narrow bridge
See how dangerous it is
Just imagine myself at the london bridge..haha

The breeze was so cool.....

Half way to Kudat,0ur car broke down!!!ARGHHHH!!!
How damn unlucky were we.......
Crazy jo in the middle of the road...*the drivers were speeding on this road and yet I was so daring..haha*

And here came the tow truck.....
The driver was enjoying the car being tow...haha...

The pure rungus~
We then headed to the long house after got another car to continue our journey...
The handcraft~
part of the long house~
I love the staircase and of course with my flip-flop

Here it is...this is a traditional game and those who can't make it in time will be sentence to death!!!!!
We've done our task!!!!Group pic!

The long house......

For animals???????

They're way too bored until took pic with the plants?!?!?!?!?!?

Later then,we headed to the bee farm.Kudat is famous with its honey!

Can you figure out are that bees or flies????

After the bee farm,we went to grab some nuts-the famous one in Kudat....
Bad weather to continue our journey back home....

BUT..................We've got to grab some corns on our way can only find it in Kudat!
The baked corn!!!!

The bundles~
This is how they bake the corns~
I've forgotten what's this but it's really yummy~

The corn~before & after

our 'tour guide'

Love this!
WE continue hitting the road.....

The whole trip is just about FOOD!!!!
And we've starved ourselves with lots of breads ..haha

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