Friday, March 20, 2009

Just a quick update for a sec!

I'm really sorry for not updating my blog for 2 weeks!!!

I'm way too busy with loads of stuff such as my coming dinner on tomorrow,assignments,my injured foot,dance practice and etc.....

This is just a quick post as my sis said that at least I post something which full of words is better than nothing.Haha.....

I promised that I'll post more and more stuff after I've done with my dinner.It's not I'm too busy with what to wear for my dinner but it's because I'm the committee for the programme and the Master of Ceremony of the night!!!!
Just pray that I can update everything on Sunday IF I don't make myself club till the sun rises...haha.....

I wonder how could I dance waltz with a 4 inch high heels as I've sprained my foot!!!!
This is the 2nd time that I sprained it in 2 weeks... :( GOSH!

p/s:Gonna update those delayed post once I'm free. :)

I love my RED dress!

Ciaoz to the hotel for my dinner rehearsal~~~~

*Can't wait to go back to Malacca to club and have tequila shot!:)*

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