Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm home!

I'm supposed to update this post once I reached home cuz I took a morning flight back.
My laziness to go online started to 'parasite' on me once I'm back.

Gave mum a call when I reached KL and I was so touched that my parents purposely went to the hypermarket to buy some nutritious food for me just for dinner!
Honestly,I was so TOUCHED!!!

On the way back,the sun was shining bright!
Ya......the sun is HOT!!!As the 'hot' i mean is the word the guys like to use on the girls..
ok,I do use it on girls too that's why someone asked if I'm a bi.

I've got to have my favourite pasta for my replacement breakfast and lunch when I'm back.
Sis kept complaining that she could only choose the tomato chicken pasta when I wasn't around but I've got my favourite choice.
That's why I told her to go somewhere further to study in the future...haha...

I've got the 'BEST' welcome home present from my siblings!
First,my sis.All she asked about was the cam .Oh Gosh!I just got out of the car and haven't even step into my house yet.I was still outside of the main gate!!!!!
Second,my lil' bro.All he asked about was the fedora!
Not even a 'hi' or 'i miss you!'

I didn't even feel like calling anyone when I'm back.
Too tired I think.
But I've got the first call from Jaiio!
It's something expected,maybe.

I don't think I'm the real me when I come back this time.

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