Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Leo & Lum cousins day out!

Today is the first cousins outing after so long!!!!
This time only Jolene,Aaron and I are way too free to hang out together because only the 3 of us are on HOLIDAYS!!!!
We've planned it since few months back cuz Aaron was too desperate to hang out with us!!!

Jolene picked me up and she was way too punctual!!!!
She's supposed to come at 12pm instead of 11.30 am!!!
As usual,I wasn't ready yet cuz I just woke up not long ago.:)

We then went to Sibaraku Restaurant for buffet lunch after picking Aaron up.
This time they treated me a meal!!!
I was kinda surprise though!

Once we stepped in,I saw lots of students were having lunch there!!!
They're STUDENTS!!!
I kept telling Jo that nowadays students are so rich!Now I understand why everyone keeps saying that I'm rich everytime I hang out at Starbucks!!!!

The beginning of our meal.........way to go......
Aaron with his interesting T-shirt!!!!I have a good-looking and smart cousin!!!!
This chef gave us the best service though......
My lovely cousins~

Not long after I finished some food,I couldn't resist to grab some desserts!!!
The desserts were tempting me!!Me love desserts!!!
Ok,it's because they have variaty of cakes and cakes are my favourite!

my couz love candid shot!
My cousin was shocked when I went back to my seat with 2 plates of desserts...this is one of them....then I told her it's not alot though.....
We took this pic without aaron's realization....
he didn't even notice that we took from a nearer angle!!!
enjoying their food!!!
Jo Ann,Jolene & Aaron---us the couzies!!!!

The process of making ice-kacang..haha....we did it for fun!

I was decorating it but didn't plan to eat it..haha
the spokeperson for Sibaraku's ice-kacang
My creativity...we didn't even finish half of it!!!!!

After lunch,we went for a walk to digest our food cuz we were way too full!!!!
GREEDY us!!!!!
I spotted this cute thingy!!!!

the cousins~L&L

Later then,we went for ice-cream @ Baskin Robbin.
My treat!

The GUESS!!!
I spotted this is Camp Rock-the movie!!!!
Nokia vs Samsung...the pink and black!!!COOL!!!
My lame expression~
I was looking at the cam at first.....
Then Jo said she wanted a candid shot..so this is it!!!!

Pose 1
Pose 2---the big boss
Pose 3---the big big boss
Pose 4----the succesful business man explaining some tactics to win a girl's heart!!!
I look weird..haha
Last but not least,us again!!!!

I really appreciate the meal, my couzies!
Actually I'm touched though!!!!!!!
Love ya guys!!!!!

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